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Collect fast feedback



To increase satisfaction you need to know why your guests are happy or not. In eight seconds you get both overall satisfaction and ratings of your chosen factors. Is it for example the staff service, the menu or the facilities that needs attention?

The second page is optional to give every respondent a positive survey experience and makes them happy to give the detailed ratings that are deeply analyzed. This unique GreatRate method automatically sends action plans for continuous improvements where it is needed the most. You can also follow the trend for each factor and get a clear view over both strengths and weaknesses. Stars or other symbols can be uploaded. For restaurants we would recommend a tablet and check holder given by the waiter at the end of the dinner, and for hotels floor stands in common areas.



A good use of a segmentation question is to let for example the waiter choose him/herself before handing the tablet, so that the feedback can be viewed for each staff member. 

You can also use a segmentation question to distinguish respondents from different departments or even give them different questions.



A popular scale is the Net Promoter Score (NPS). It asks the question “How likely are you to recommend us to a friend or colleague?”. The scale is 0-10 and only the top 9 and 10 are considered positive. This makes NPS a powerful way of making sure the results show people who would actually recommend your restaurant or hotel. 

Since the tendency of recommending is affected by the satisfaction, an impact analysis of the satisfaction would give the survey more substance. We would therefore recommend you to use our analysis to complement this question and get a priority for improvements.

Actionable insight



Reach all data instantly in the fast and flexible cloud based admin – wherever you are, on your computer or mobile. Create surveys with ease and use our vast range of charts to view the results. 

The segmentation panel lets you pick the correct time span, collection point and survey. You can even use each option in the survey to filter the results. For example you can show answers specifically from dissatisfied respondents. An adaptable hierarchy will work for any team size and the user specific access gives the structure your team needs.

Reports & Export


Our reports are carefully designed to suit your needs. The most powerful report on the market is the Action plan that uses deep analytics to interpret the results for you, and present effective priorities. This one is especially suited for presenting to your team, engaging and taking action. 

Automatic daily, weekly, monthly and yearly reports can also be used for quick summarizes. 

The exporting functions are vast, and let’s you segment the results the way you like it. You can also choose between different file types, such as Excel, PDF and CSV depending on if you will present them right away or integrate with other systems.


For guests at a hotel or a restaurant the experience and satisfaction will determine if they will come back and recommend the brand to others – core goals of the business. 

Some won’t share any opinion, others will speak their mind on social media and give ratings on different platforms. You want good opinions and ratings to be spread, but unless you collect the feedback directly at the point of experience and systematize the improvements there is little value to all those opinions. They are either never shared, too spread out over different channels or too mixed and imprecise. 

There are many opinions walking out the door that could have been collected instantly. If you make it easier to give feedback more will tell you what they feel and why – and you can get much more analyzed, precise and instant knowledge of what your guests want. 

With instant feedback, and the GreatRate system helping you decide what to focus on, you can adapt the questions and strategies specifically for your current needs. 

You can start with reports that tell you clearly what factor needs attention – for example cleanliness, staff service, availability or atmosphere. After that you can dig deeper – is it for example more friendliness or professionalism the guests wants from your staff? We give you the power to get deeper insight than other feedback platforms.

Hotels and restaurants have many suitable collection points, be it in the lobby, on the smartphone or at the table along with the check. Take advantage of this. And also – take advantage of the positive feedback that lets you know the reason your guests are happy so that you can do that even more. There is much you can achieve by just being better at collecting and using feedback. 

You are in great company

Case study

Type: Hotel
Respondents: 2102/month
Completion rate: 56%
“GreatRate modernizes and simplifies, especially with the way to analyze what is important to the guest, and point it out quickly. And also, they clearly keep the highest level.”

The world famous ICEHOTEL is a hotel made of ice in northern Sweden, with parts being rebuilt each year. Kings and queens come and visit, along with those from all over the world who have saved money all their lives to finally experience the unusual attraction. It is important to know their needs to stay at the top of the line.

ICEHOTEL uses GreatRate for two main purposes. 
1. Increase overall satisfaction with the hotel.
2. Make the restaurant experience better.

To measure satisfaction ICEHOTEL uses uniquely designed floorstand kiosks. 


The floor stands are placed at the front desk and in specific departments. The first question is: “How was your ICEHOTEL experience?”. The respondent then gets the option to go to a summarized page with short factors to rate. Since it is optional the survey experience is good for every respondent. The average percentage of people that are willing to complete the two pages are 56% of the total respondent group. The factors on the second page are: Staff service, Art, Atmosphere, Activities and Orderliness. At the start of every week the head of each department communicates an Action plan to the staff members, who take immediate action. The manager also follows the trend for each day. 

The hotel manager Kerstin Nilsson explains the staffs’ role in increasing satisfaction: 
– We have unusually loyal staff members. No matter if they serve drinks at the ice bar, stand at the front desk or are head of a department they enthusiastically tell stories about the northern lights or the creation of the art suites. But we are only human and without the guests opinions something could gradually get worse – without us noticing it. Maybe we make a small mistake the same time each day. The one who stops improving, actually gets worse. That’s why we need a quick way of finding the right things to improve. GreatRate makes this so easy, thanks to the analysis that points out what is important to the guests, and fast. 


With a lot of international guests, the food experience is important and exciting. Before using GreatRate, ICEHOTEL made their own paper surveys that they put on each table in the restaurant. They weren’t able to do this all the time, so it had to be only specific, shorter, periods. The guests answered a couple of questions and then it was up to the manager to go through all the answers and find a pattern. 

Replacing this with tablets and a floor stand made all the difference. They follow the trends for overall satisfaction and specific factors. The ongoing survey has these factors: Staff service, Menu, Facilities, Orderliness and Atmosphere. The weekly Action plan shows which factor to improve. 

GreatRate is also used to improve the food in detail. Some days the main question is “How satisfied are you with the food?” with these factors: Seasoning, Vegetarian options, Heat, Color and Presentation. The guests can also write their own thoughts. The analysis then shows in detail what to improve. 

GreatRate is ICEHOTELs’ main tool for maintaining quality and finding new ways of getting more satisfied guests.