…on a cold winter’s night in Sweden, a revelation was made.

Touchscreen + Feedback + Analysis equals all this: Action plans, Monitoring of trends, Increased satisfaction, Better decision making and much more. This was a time when polar bears still walked the streets of Scandinavia and feedback was given on paper or plastic buttons. Touchscreen meant that smarter questions could be asked. Optional questions meant that each respondent was kept happy and gave as much feedback as they had time with. And in-depth analysis meant knowledge that lead to super fast improvements.

Since that night much warmer winds have melted the view on surveys that was frozen in time – GreatRate has changed the meaning of instant feedback. Now it’s not only a question about if the respondents are happy or not. It’s about why – and what to do about it. We like to picture it as a vast ocean of feedback and hidden knowledge. If you only keep sailing on the surface you’ll miss the iceberg. GreatRate can dive down and find the problem – or treasure – for you.

Yeah, Scandinavia is a warmer place now (but we still need to be inside nine out of twelve months so don’t plan your vacation just yet), and our group is expanding – continent by continent. Just like Columbus we are discovering new markets. The US is now home to our second Headquarter, managing distributors and adaptions to the local market. We have partners in the Caribbean region, Europe and new partners are continuously joining the group. Back in Sweden we handle development and innovation projects, just like in the beginning – only with a larger team. We’ll soon need a bigger boat.

Now we’re a driving force in new digital feedback. That kind that makes it tingle in the “Oh, that’s so smart and intuitive”-nerve. From feedback terminals with touchscreen we’ve gone beyond the physical world and entered the digital world for real. Being a multi platform solution gives us the possibility to travel new seas, not bound by any border. We want to give you the most flexible feedback tool in the world. A tool that can distribute surveys across several platforms at the same time, that can segment on each option and still automatically sum up the most important parts so that you can act fast.

And like a wise person once said (probably someone here at the office): “Ignoring feedback is as stupid as not listening to someone shouting: “Polar bear!”.